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Silver Birch Woodland (ERC)

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  • "Silver Birch are a pioneer species that are a leading tree species that transforms grass and moorland into young temperate woodlands. The tannins in their bark taste bad to deer, which keeps them from being eaten, allowing them to move into territory usually full of deer. These damaged ecosystems exist across the UK. The silver birch is a symbol of ecological restoration in action. " - Ash Brown, Ecosystem Restoration Camps co-founder and camps co-ordinator


    These works are inspired by healthy ecosystems around the world. A collection in collaboration with Eco-restoration Camps to create art with a cause! 

    With each print sold, I will give 20% of the profit to ERC, and with each original sold, I will give 10% of the profit to ERC!


    Please check out what this amazing organisation is up to. Be inspired, get involved, and spread the word! The world needs them!