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Tropical Rain Forest (ERC)

  • "Tropical forests are the most abundant ecosystems on earth. It's estimated that 40-75% of all species on earth live in these forests there works are inspired by healthy ecosystems around the world.

    They create global weather patterns. They keep our planet cool. They are a wonder, throbbing and vibrating with life more so than anywhere else on earth. Over the past 60 years, we've lost more than half of it, which is one of the major causes of our current weird and extreme weather. Without these forests, life on earth is going to be much much harder for billions of us. Restoring these forests will bring us back into balance, keeping the earth cool and the rains regular, making sure our planet remains peaceful and beautiful. Restoring tropical forests is one of the most important tasks of the 21st century." - Ash Brown, Ecosystem Restoration Camps co-founder and camps co-ordinator


    A collection in collaboration with Eco-restoration Camps to create art with a cause! 

    With each print sold, I will give 30% of the profit to ERC, and with each original sold, I will give 10% of the profit to ERC!


    Please check out what this amazing organisation is up to. Be inspired, get involved, and spread the word! The world needs them!